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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Project Orion

While this book may be important to our nation's history for space travel, I find it to be on the boring side. My favorite chapters were 22 and 23, where the men were forced to stop their work on Project Orion. I thought it was admirable that those men believed in something so much that they would not give up on it and I felt bad that they couldn't continue. It was sad that men like Harry Finger and McNamara had so little faith in these intelligent men who had come so far since the beginning of the project. They had come up with formulas, designs, ideas, etc. and who knows what they might've accomplished had they had the support of NASA and the Department of Defense. My least favorite chapter was chapter 10. In this chapter, Dyson discusses leaving the family behind and carrying out the project no matter what the cost, but it seemed a little boring. A lot of the other chapters had a lot technical terms and phrases within, but were very important in the process of making the bomb. Chapter 10 I feel is one that could be eliminated from the book entirely without taking away too much information about the project. This was certainly not my favorite book, but at least some of the chapters were bearable. This one put me right to sleep!


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